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"I wanted someone who would hold me accountable"

Does Any of This Sound Familiar to YOU?

You’ve plowed through dozens of podcast episodes about the land business…

You’ve invested your hard-earned cash in land flipping courses…

You even did something “crazy” and actually studied the courses you’d paid for – and took action!

You’ve tested the waters with some mailers or text messaging to generate seller leads…

You hired a coach hoping their “plug and play” system would do the trick

And Yet Somehow You Still Aren’t Getting The Results You Were Promised?

Maybe you’ve walked away from all the education confused by all the conflicting advice.

Maybe you implemented everything the coach told you to do, but somehow “it just didn’t work for you”?

Maybe you’ve had some success in land already and have managed to complete a couple of deals, but you keep hitting a wall. You’re unable to get deals consistently enough to sustain your cashflow needs and the business just isn’t profitable…

You’re frustrated beyond words because you’re doing everything you’ve been instructed to do, but the results you’re wanting just aren’t there.

You are doing everything possible to build a successful business… You’re working yourself to the bone, bleeding money on marketing and other aspects of your business, and thinking…

“I’m Doing the Work, So Where Are the Results?”

I get where you’re coming from.

I can’t begin to tell you how many failed side hustles I’ve attempted throughout the
years trying to take our finances to the next level for my family.

And even when I finally found the land business, I went through some struggles of my own before I finally “cracked the code.”

A quick backstory on me…

Jaren Barnes - Your Coach and Mentor in Land Flipping

Today I’m an owner of a 7-figure land-flipping business. And I’m the founder and head trainer at the Land Maverick Society. 

I also have more than 10 years of real estate investing experience, and at this point, I’ve trained thousands of investors, first through tutorials, courses, and podcast episodes at REtipster, and now through the Land Maverick Society. 

I’ve personally coached more than 150 land investors, providing tailored, one-on-one, in-the-trenches help as they’ve bootstrapped their businesses. More on this later.

Through my different businesses, I’ve participated in more than 500 real estate transactions and helped my coaching students through thousands more.

Before I really figured out the land business, though, my early experience in real estate was a huge struggle.

Back then I worked for a company called Simple Wholesaling. 

I was the head of dispositions and every single night when me and my wife would go to sleep, she would have her laptop in the bed, I would have my laptop in the bed.

Every night until 10 or 11 o’clock we’d be working leads, getting back to people, checking emails, and checking properties. 

It wasn’t a way to live. We made some decent money, but we were kind of glorified slaves.

You Could Say That We Had Golden Handcuffs.

One Christmas around 2015 I remember vividly…

Instead of enjoying the festivities of the holidays, eating food, watching movies, and enjoying my family, do you know what I was doing?

I was off in the corner by myself, talking to a buyer lead.

During this season, I was in my 20s but I felt like I was 40. I lost all my hair. I’m actually a bald guy now.

My life was truly just slipping away from me because I was grinding seven days a week, constantly looking for the next deal, just again working myself to the bone.

The Land Business Radically Changed Everything For Me. 

Once I figured out how to approach land the right way, I had this skillset that allowed me to make as much money as I ever wanted to. 

I finally felt like I was finally the one in control of my life—not my boss, not my bank account, not my circumstances—me.

For me, being empowered to do land deals like this means resources and opportunity for my family. 

I have two boys, a 4-year-old and a soon-to-be 3-year-old, and I cannot describe to you the feeling I have knowing that whatever they need, I am in a position financially where I can provide for them and not really think twice about it, whether it’s a new bike, private school, tuition, clothes, musical instruments, whatever it is. 

It's All Thanks To The Land Business. 

Doing deals like this really gives me freedom. Freedom to set my own hours, spend more time with my kids and my wife, and be instantly available. 

Not having to answer to a boss means that I truly am in control of what I do every day, and this again is all thanks to the land business.

It’s pretty incredible.

Now since you’re here you probably already have an idea that the land business can be amazing.

But for some reason, you haven’t yet hit that breakthrough point.

And maybe you’re wondering…

“If the Land Business is So Great, Why Am I Still Stuck?”

I’ve coached hundreds of land investors at this point.

1. The first is that land investors as a group tend to really geek out over “systems.”

We like to obsess over software and tools to streamline our business.


We want everything to be automated and optimized to the hilt. 

So a lot of education tends to focus on using the software and tools because that’s what people are most interested in.

And what I’ve seen over and over, is that when land investors are struggling, it’s almost always because they haven’t yet developed one of three critical skills.

These skills aren’t very sexy, however, they’re so foundational that I call them the “Core 3 Skills of a Land Investor.”

Unfortunately, most of the courses and training in the land investing niche gloss over or even ignore these three skills.

There are a couple of reasons for this. 

2. But there’s a second and bigger reason why these Core 3 skills don’t get enough attention.

And that’s because these skills are not easy to teach in a simplified, paint-by-numbers way to where you can pick them up just from watching a few videos.

To get good at them, you need practice and repetition, and ideally, real-world guidance and feedback from a skilled coach.

The good news is that once you’ve developed these skills to where they’re in your muscle memory and you can execute them without thinking, you have a proven skill set that can create consistent, scalable results, month in and month out.

What Are the “Core 3” Skills?

Let me shoot straight with you here:

The land business is not rocket science. 

In the Land Maverick Society, the business model we teach is pretty straightforward: 

Through various marketing channels, we reach out to vacant landowners who have a high likelihood of being open to selling their property to us at a discount. 

We then generally purchased property at 50% or less of market value. 

Then once we take title, we resell the property for market value. 

You’ve heard this before.

Success in the land business is not in the what of our business model. 

It’s in the how.

How do you get landowners to agree to sell to you? 

How do you determine the value of the property to know what you can sell it for—and what you can safely buy it for to avoid losing your shirt? 

That’s where the Core 3 skills come in. 

I explain it like this:

Let’s take a moment and do a deep dive into each of these three core skill sets.

Starting Off With Comps And Due Diligence. 

For every property I analyze at a minimum, I check four different platforms to look at the comps. 

I’m putting my detective hat on, getting different versions of the story from each platform to build a more complete picture of the local market.

In cases where the comps aren’t clear—and this happens a LOT—we enlist the help of a local, land-specialized real estate agent. More on this in a minute.

Other land business models don’t emphasize multiple checks across different data sources at all. They essentially have you guess what the market value is for your property, make a lowball offer, and hope you can get the lowest price on the market to make a quick sale. This is absolutely terrible, and a fast way to make very costly mistakes. 

Our model provides confidence, allowing us to make higher offers, which ultimately leads to more deals and much smoother interactions with our seller leads. 

Now On The Second Core Skill Set, Building Rapport With Sellers.

Building trust and credibility is crucial when dealing with sellers. Our training model at the Land Maverick Society guides you on how to understand the type of person you are speaking to and the experience they expect over the phone. This enables you to create that experience, helping you close deals effectively.

Unlike other programs that suggest minimizing phone contact with sellers through tactics like sending blind offers, we emphasize the importance of communication. Avoiding phone conversations can jeopardize deals, which is counterproductive for a land investor.

At the Land Maverick Society, we stress the importance of making sellers feel comfortable and trusted, to the extent that they prefer selling their property to you over others. 

Our training includes live guidance on managing conversations with sellers, where I personally join members on Zoom calls to interact with seller leads

And The Third Core Skill Set, Working With Local
Land-Specialized Agents. 

At the Land Maverick Society, we have a unique approach that avoids the usual hassle of generating buyer leads and managing property listings. Instead, we partner with agents who handle the listing of our properties once we acquire them. 

This allows us to focus more on securing new deals and understanding the market value of our properties, giving us a competitive advantage.

We prefer using agents for market valuations rather than relying on software or online tools. This ensures accurate property assessments, which form a solid base for analysis and negotiations. 

As the lead coach, I personally guide you through each step – from initial contact with sellers to making offers and conducting due diligence. I also help in finding the right agent to verify our evaluations and ensure everything is accounted for.

This method lets you concentrate on acquiring deals while we handle the complexities, saving you the time and effort usually spent on preparing for direct mail campaigns.

“What Can This Do for Me?”

What I teach is a proven system that will get you long-term results. I mean, just check out some of the case studies of our members that I train on a weekly if not daily basis. 

Doubling Down: Tyler's Twin Triumphs

Tyler, another member, achieved remarkable success by closing not one, but two deals in a single day. His initial offer for seven acres was accepted at $22,500, and he later received verbal approval for a subdivided 35-acre lot at $5,000 per acre. This shows the power of our training in real-time deal negotiation and closing.

Overcoming Obstacles: Hadda and Eden's Journey

Starting with limited capital and unfamiliar with local practices due to being based in Israel, Hadda and Eden faced significant challenges. Despite these hurdles, our strategic guidance and funding solutions at the Land Maverick Society enabled them to efficiently market their properties and close deals. Their first major success came when they bought a property for $132,031 and sold it for $220,000 just 52 days later, netting a substantial profit.

Frontier Challenges: Greg's Alaskan Adventure

Greg chose to venture into the challenging Alaskan real estate market, known for its scarce data and tight-knit professional circles. With tailored coaching and local insights, Greg overcame these barriers and successfully sold a property he bought for $42,877, doubling his investment in just 83 days.

Navigating Non-Disclosure: James Simmons' Strategic Play in Texas

In Texas, a non-disclosure state, James faced difficulties in accessing reliable property valuation data. With our guidance, he secured a lucrative package deal, buying three lots and sequentially selling them for significant profits, showcasing our effective approach to overcoming local market challenges. These case studies highlight the real advantages of joining the Land Maverick Society. Our members regularly see impressive profits, showing just how effective our training and resources are for their real estate deals. Think about what could happen if you were to close multiple deals each month with our proven system. How might that change your life?

Who Is This For?

One question I get from many investors before they join the Land Maverick Society is, Will this really work for me?

And my answer is always:

Yes, it will work for you, but you have to be willing to work.

This is for you if you have at least 10 to 15 hours a week that you can dedicate to the land business.

And you also need to have some working capital available.

I want to be upfront with you:

Membership in the Land Maverick Society is NOT cheap. 

(Although with everything we offer, I’d make the case that we’re the best value out there.)

So if you’re looking for the absolute cheapest way to get started, I’d recommend checking out some of the courses that are available.

Now we do offer several financing options that can help you defray the cost of your membership, however, you will need to have funds that you can deploy to start marketing for leads and deals. 

This Is Not For Somebody Who Is Just Trying To Dabble Or Test The Waters.

If you’re just looking to casually explore the land business without a serious commitment, if you only have enough capital to send out 300 postcards just to “test things out,” we’re not a good fit.

The Land Maverick Society is for you if you’re in a position where you can take things seriously and deploy what’s needed to scale to a successful land business. 

So if you are prepared to invest time and capital in marketing, this is a fit for you.

The second question I hear a lot is…

What If I Don't Have Any Prior Real Estate Sales Or Business Experience?

I love hearing this because I almost prefer for you to come in fresh because then you don’t have all these other competing ideologies. 

You’re a clean slate, and I can walk you through the best practices that I know get results not only for myself but also for the dozens and dozens of Land Maverick members that I’ve had the privilege of training throughout the years.

I will walk you through every step of the way from selecting a good market, setting up your lead processing infrastructure, navigating the phones, running comps, and due diligence, working with land agents, and much, much more. 

So lack of experience is not a problem at all.

“What Do I Get?”

Joining the Land Maverick Society isn’t just about accessing a series of courses; it’s a comprehensive package designed to ensure your success in the land-flipping industry. Here’s what you get when you become a member:

Our Guarantee To You

Achieve a Five-Figure Profit Within Four Months

We are committed to your success. That’s why we offer a strong guarantee: within four months of joining, we’ll guide you through all the necessary steps to secure a land deal that yields a profit margin of five figures or more.

If you don’t achieve this milestone within the initial four months, we don’t stop there. We continue to work with you FOR FREE until you do. Our support extends until you close your first major deal, ensuring you have all the help you need to succeed.

Why We Stand Behind Our Promise:

Take The Leap And Apply Now!

Ready to kick your land business into high gear and not just dream about success, but actually live it? 

You’re just one move away from not just changing your game, but revolutionizing it.

Don’t let hesitation hold you back. Seize this golden opportunity to join a tribe that’s all about action, growth, and real results. 

The Land Maverick Society isn’t just a community – it’s your new land business family, ready to push you, support you, and celebrate every win with you.

Click below. Start your journey. Transform your future.

Your future awaits. Let’s start this journey together!

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