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About Jaren Barnes

Jaren Barnes is the Founder and CEO of the Land Maverick Society, an online community dedicated to empowering investors in the land investing industry. Under Jaren’s leadership, the society has equipped hundreds of investors with the guidance, support, strategies, and funding needed to thrive in the land business. In 2023, the Land Maverick Society funded more than $1.5 million in deal acquisitions on behalf of its members. 

Jaren got his start in real estate by door-knocking pre-foreclosures in the San Francisco Bay Area, followed by a brief stint with the team at the esteemed 
From there, Jaren went on to work for Brett Snodgrass of Simple Wholesaling as the Senior Dispositions Manager, where he was responsible for selling 25-35 houses per month. 

After Simple Wholesaling, Jaren teamed up with Seth Williams of, one of the land industry’s premier online communities. The extensive experience and brand exposure Jaren gained during his 3+ year tenure with REtipster further solidified his reputation as a land industry thought leader.

Jaren went on to found iBuyLand, a land-flipping company that has grown to a seven-figure operation. Jaren currently house-hacks a triplex in an Indiana-based suburb of Chicago, IL, alongside his lovely Kazakh-American wife, Assiya, their two boys, and his epic Kazakh in-laws.

Why Jaren Should Be a Guest on Your Podcast

1. Expertise and Experience:

Jaren Barnes brings extensive experience from grassroots door-knocking to leading the high-seven-figure operation, iBuyLand. His unique journey through the real estate industry, including his leadership role at the Land Maverick Society which has funded over $1.5 million in deals, equips him with deep insights into land investment strategies and the broader real estate market.

2. Engaging Educator: 

Known for his engaging storytelling and practical advice, Jaren has proven his ability to captivate and educate audiences. His previous work with further underscores his role as a thought leader in the land industry.

3. Community Builder and Diverse Perspective:

Jaren is committed to fostering a strong community in the real estate sector, leveraging his multicultural family background to bring diverse perspectives to his teachings. His insights are invaluable for anyone looking to grow within the real estate space while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

4. Comprehensive Real Estate Insights:

Jaren offers actionable real estate investment strategies and personal development advice, helping listeners to navigate both their professional ventures and personal growth effectively.

Jaren isn't just sitting back and always teaching the same thing -  he's actively working in the field, constantly testing new strategies with his members. This hands-on approach keeps him ahead of market trends and ensures he knows what works right now and where the market is going.
Bringing Jaren onto your podcast guarantees an episode filled with actionable insights, compelling stories, and valuable strategies for real estate investment and personal development.